We study coupled mechanical and biochemical changes in human disease

Principal Investigator

Dr. Tanmay Lele, Ph.D.


Ph.D. Students

Christina Dubell

Ph.D. Students

Mohammad Mohajeri

Ph.D. Students

Ting-Ching Wang

Ph.D. Students

Brendan Mckee

Lab Coordinator

Kavya Pendyala

What is mechanobiology?

Our research is in the area of Mechanobiology. Mechanobiology is the scientific study of the mechanisms by which cell generated mechanical forces and/or the cellular mechanical environment impact cell and tissue structure and function. We are particularly interested in the mechanobiology of human diseases including cancer.


We are funded by the National Cancer Institute’s Physical Sciences and Oncology Network (PSON).

Dr. Lele is a member of the NIH study section

Dr. Lele was recently elected Fellow of the Biomedical Engineering Society

Dr. Lele is a CPRIT scholar

Dr. Lele is Unocal Professor at TAMU

Dr. Lele's google scholar profile

April 2024

New paper published on indirect control of nucleocytoplasmic transport by mechanical stimuli in Journal of Cell Biology

Feb 2024

Paper published on Cell Mechanotransduction in Biomaterials

July 2023

Paper on the nuclear drop model published in Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering

June 2023

New model published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology that explains nuclear shapes in cultured cells

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